The Section 8 Series - Part 3: Understanding Deductions and Calculating Rent

Deductions and Calculating Rent

This course focuses on the deductions that must be understood in order to calculate rent for the Section 8 programs covered by the 4350.3 Multifamily Housing Handbook. We discuss:

  • Requirements regarding allowable deductions and the process for calculating a family’s adjusted income to determine eligibility
  • Requirements for determining adjusted income based on allowable deductions
  • Methods for calculating the tenant’s portion of rent under HUD’s Multifamily Project-Based Section 8 program
  • Requirements for verifying information necessary to determine eligibility and rent
  • Throughout the course, participants are provided with opportunities to practice these skills.
Overlying Concepts
The 4350.3 and HUD's Directive System
Types of Income, Eligibility and Rent Calulations
Consent Forms
Methods of Verification
Effective Term of Verifications
Specific Requirements for Verification
Annual Income
Rounding Guidance
Income to be Counted
Topic Test
Deductions and Adjusted Income
Dependent Deductions
Child Care Deductions
Disability Assistance Expense Deduction
Disability Assistance Expense Relative to Auxiliary Apparatus
Medical Expense Deductions
Calculating a Medical Expense Deduction in Addition to a Disability Assistance Expense Deduction
Elderly Family Deductions
Topic Test
Rent Calculation
Calculating Total Tenant Portion
HUD Form 50059
Topic Test
Annual Subscription